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For the command, see Commands/advancement. For the data pack format, see mcw:Advancement/JSON format.
The popup that appears when normal advancements are made.
The popup that appears when goal advancements are reached.
The popup that appears when challenge advancements are completed.

Advancements are a way to gradually guide new players into Minecraft and give them challenges to complete, similar to the basic system of achievements in Bedrock Edition.


Advancements can be completed in any game mode, and are obtained and saved per world. Advancements can also be granted (and revoked) using the Template:Cmd command.

Although advancements guide players logically through the game, they are independent of each other; an advancement can be completed without having completed the advancements "before" it. There are currently 102 of them: 16 in the Minecraft tab, 24 in the Nether tab, 9 in the The End tab, 30 in the Adventure tab, and 23 in the Husbandry tab.

When advancements are obtained, a sliding Template:W notification displays in the top right corner, and a message is displayed in chat if the game rule Template:Code is set to Template:Cd.‌ The color of the header text in the notification depends on the advancement; normal and goal advancements have yellow header text, while challenge advancements have pink header text. Completing a normal advancement causes the header text to display "Advancement Made!", completing a goal advancement results in a "Goal Reached!" header, and completing a challenge advancement shows "Challenge Complete!" In addition, music plays and experience is rewarded when completing these kinds of advancements.


The advancement interface. The "Isn't It Iron Pick" advancement is selected.

The button to access the Advancements screen is found on the pause menu screen. The player can also open this screen by pressing Template:Key (this can be changed in the in-game options menu).

The advancement system involves several trees composed of advancements, each tree beginning with a root advancement from which several branches diverge. By clicking and dragging, the player can view different branches of an advancement tree. Each tree is categorized into different tabs (which are defined by the root advancements). Tabs are not visible if no advancements in the tab have been unlocked. There are currently five tabs in vanilla Minecraft:

Each tab has a different background with a repeating texture.

Advancement icons display a header name and description when hovered over. The advancement descriptions have a unique color depending on the type of advancement with normal and goal advancements having green descriptions and challenge advancements having purple ones. As more advancements are unlocked, new ones become visible, with up to two advancements being displayed ahead of an unlocked one. Unlocked advancements show all of its direct parents advancements (the advancements between the root advancement of the tab and it), even those that have not been unlocked (but only show 2 advancements downstream of advancements already unlocked). Six advancements, "How Did We Get Here?", "Voluntary Exile", "Hero of the Village", "Arbalistic", "You've Got a Friend in Me", and "Birthday Song" are hidden advancements, meaning that they cannot be viewed by the player until they have been unlocked, regardless if any one of its child advancements (any advancement after it, including all branches) have been unlocked, which would normally display its parent advancements (as advancements can be unlocked and completed in any order).

If the player has not completed/unlocked any advancements, the interface shows a black background with white text reading "There doesn't seem to be anything here... :(".

The icon frames of advancements can vary in appearance based on difficulty, and whether or not it was completed. A legend is provided below:

Icon Frame Description
Incomplete/Regular Completed
Advancement-plain-raw.png Advancement-plain-worn.png Advancement
Advancement-oval-raw.png Advancement-oval-worn.png Goal
Advancement-fancy-raw.png Advancement-fancy-worn.png Challenge

Extra advancements and tabs can be added and customized with the use of JSON files and data packs.

List of advancements


See the Minecraft Wiki for a full detailed list of Minecraft Java Edition advancements.

Hostile Paradise

Advancement tree in the "Hostile Paradise" tab
Glowstone.png Hostile Paradise
Icon Advancement In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different) Resource location Rewards
Advancement-plain-raw.pngGrid Glowstone.pngHostile Paradise
Enter the Aether. Enter the Aether dimension.aether_legacy/enter_aether
Place a book of lore inside a book of lore. Hostile ParadiseCraft two books of lore and place one within the item slot of another.aether_legacy/loreception
Advancement-plain-raw.pngDo you believe in magic?
Craft an Altar Hostile ParadiseCraft an altar.aether_legacy/craft_altar
Advancement-fancy-raw.pngLike a Bossaru!
Defeat the bronze dungeon boss Hostile ParadiseFind and defeat the bronze dungeon boss.aether_legacy/like_a_bossaru
Advancement-plain-raw.pngNow you're family
Incubate a Moa Hostile ParadisePlace one of these 4 colored moa eggs:
  • White Moa Egg
  • Blue Moa Egg
  • Black Moa Egg
  • Orange Moa Egg
into an incubator.
Advancement-plain-raw.pngTo infinity and beyond!
Bounce on a Blue Aercloud Hostile ParadiseFind or craft and bounce on a blue aercloud.aether_legacy/to_infinity_and_beyond
Advancement-oval-raw.pngPink is the new blue
Craft a Gravitite tool Do you believe in magic?Have any gravitite tool in your inventory.aether_legacy/gravitite_tools
Defeat the silver dungeon boss Like a Bossaru!Find and defeat the silver dungeon boss.aether_legacy/dethroned
Advancement-oval-raw.pngWhen Phygs Fly
Fly on a Phyg Bounce on a Blue AercloudPlace a saddle upon a phyg and ride it.aether_legacy/mount_phyg
Defeat the golden dungeon boss DethronedFind and defeat the golden dungeon boss.aether_legacy/mount_phyg

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