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The Aether Wiki is now on, and our goal is to use this move to finally cleanup this wiki to get it to have up-to-date information instead of information from varying years of development.

Important Pages


  • Styling Finalization on Mobile and PC
  • Front Page Layout
  • Templates
  • Community Portal w/ Editors & Important Links & Guidelines
  • Admin Noticeboard
  • Example Reference Pages
  • Todo Page for Community Contributors
  • Basic Content Directory Pages
  • Misc Remaining Cleanup


The plan is to make it so this wiki is only relevant to Aether I for the current time, in preparation for Aether I's port release, as well as lore on the side. Any other Aether II-relevant information will return at a later date and shouldn't exist on the wiki at the moment.

All information on the wiki before the cleanup is contained in a backup file and also still exists on (deprecating that wiki has not begun yet).

The order plans to be:

  1. Page deletion (basically complete)
  2. Fixing the wiki's CSS style and figuring out how to setup the new layout for the main page.
  3. Fixing up the wiki's templates, rulesets, all that meta stuff in preparation for page creation.
  4. Determining how we want to format new pages before starting to create them again for Aether I content.

1. Page Deletion

  • Many outdated assets and files like those from Aether II should probably be deleted if possible.

2. Formatting/Styling/Layout

Users Proposals
User:Bconlon One idea for the main page specifically could involve dividing the page by having a top row which is for the wiki title and meta-information like contributing guides and special pages, social media, other links, etc.

Then below it are two page columns: The Aether, and The Aether II. Each would be split into sections for their content, downloads, etc.

Then there can be a bottom row for any additional info that may be worth linking that's unrelated to a specific project but still deserves to be on the front page like the lore.

Things the front page needs in general: Header, Description of Project, Social Media/Feed, Content Columns, Section for Misc Content, Contributing Info, Important Videos, Downloads, Some way to put announcement headers at top.

User:OscarPayn (wiki style) (wiki main page layout)

3. Page Review/Cleanup/Updating

Pages Marked For Review

Namespaces Marked For Review