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Liberty was the main writer of The Aether II's Lore. Beyond him being a writer and living in Australia, little was known about him. He also had declined to respond to any questions about his personal life. He originally joined the Aether project on April the 9th, 2013. He had expanded upon the story-related aspects of the Aether, creating a variety of characters, a storyline and lore behind the Aether.

His primary role in the team was to expand on creative design, story, lore and to articulate story-related ideas that other members of the team have. He had also been known to appear from time to time on the Aether's Facebook page, answering questions and occasionally posting lore alongside concept art that either Dark or Oscar have created.

Due to an ongoing disagreement regarding the management of the Aether project, Liberty quit on the 24th of March, 2014. What will become of the Aether's lore at this point in time is currently unknown.