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Template:NationInfobox Frosthold is a nation in the Highlands region.


Frosthold is the closest nation to the north pole, and experiences the harshest weather on the surface. This lead the cities to be built underground in the deep caverns of the continental islands. Frosthold bridges the West and Eastern sides of the Highlands together, with the only route between them going through Frosthold’s capital city, due to its central position the nation has become a core trading post for each side of the Highlands.

During the time of the Veradexian empire, Frosthold was prevented from becoming a formal independent nation due to its key position between Imperial nations, so instead small familial tribes began to create colonies and share land. After the collapse of the Empire, these tribes came together to create a central council of Frosthold and after joining the Valkyrie Order became a recognised nation.

Due to its tribal roots, Frosthold citizens generally fall into one of four tribes, each with their own traditions and customs. Frosthold people are often found in Arctic areas assisting with construction of infrastructure, as their underground architecture is useful for neighbouring nations. Template:HighlandsRegions