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Short Term

Most Important


  • A general Lore directory needs to be created.
  • Book of Lore entries need to be updated as they are out of date; need to decide where to archive the old ones, probably in an old lore section considering the amount of that stuff that may be able to be carried over from the old wiki.
  • There needs to be old Lore/Archives for old lore images and other old lore from the old wiki.


  • Wiki Archives directory.
  • Art gallery on Oscar Payn
  • Advancement needs updating.
  • Ambrosium Shard needs finishing
  • The Wiki Themes need to be tested; any missing recolors in theming should be brought up to staff so they can be fixed.
  • Add a Legacy theme for 2012 theming.
  • There needs to be a section on the front page for Lore and Addons, however those two things probably shouldn't warrant a section on their own, so some thought needs to be put into what else might be good for an "Other" section like this.
  • Addon page setup guide.

Long Term

  • Version History has to be set up for all versions of the mod.
    • On mod pages, there will have to be changelogs, including info about transitions from old to new textures paired with images.
  • Images need a lot of overview and cleanup. See: Special:UnusedFiles and Special:ListFiles.
    • Many are likely to be unnecessary; as more content is added to the wiki it can be determined what should be deleted and what should be kept.
    • A majority of images are missing categorization, missing licensing, and missing {{Information}}.
  • Information from needs to be ported over where relevant.
    • Information about The Aether II should not be put on the wiki yet, due to the fact its pending massive changes.

-- Aether Team logo.png bconlon (talk) 08:38, 22 June 2023 (UTC)


  • Deep Aether blocks needs to be its own template as well as have image icons.

345boneshoss (talk) 00:29, 4 July 2023 (UTC)