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Template:NationInfobox Kraisum is a nation in the Highlands region.


Kraisum used to be one of the largest Angel nations and a key point of interest for the Veradexian Empire, originally made as a colony to start exploring the Eastern Highlands, Kraisum went through a cultural renaissance leading it to be the centre of high culture. Art, music, theatre and fine dining were natural parts of Kraisian life.

It became the go to place for wealthy members of the Empire to migrate to. Kraisum continued this level of high culture even after it became independent from the then dying Empire, but after the failed assassination of the Sun Spirit, Kraisum became a battlefield between the Sun Sect and Moon Sect, eventually leading to a large amount of Kraisum being decimated by the firing of a superweapon outside the nation’s borders.

Kraisum is now largely ruined by war, leaving only a few cities untouched, many have given up on this dying country and it is facing a complete collapse in government and order. Template:HighlandsRegions