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Template:NationInfobox Krosunda is a nation in the Highlands region.


Krosunda is a relatively large trading nation, specialising in importing and exporting goods between the northern and southern nations of the Highlands.

Krosunda is not occupied by the Valkyrie Order and instead is a Kingdom run by a Royal family started after the Empire’s collapse. The Royal family consists of revolutionaries who attempted to gain independence from the Veradexian empire long before its collapse.

Due to not abiding by Valkyrie law Krosunda is often seen as a safe haven for traditionally illegal activities, leading citizens of other nations to look down on Krosundan people.

Krosunda is one of the bordering nations of the play area of Aether II Highlands, so many Angels in the badlands will come from Krosunda seeking or enacting trading agreements between nations and colonies. Template:HighlandsRegions