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Template:NationInfobox Moon Sect is a nation in the Highlands region.


The Moon Sect originated as the Research and Development division of the Veradexian Empire but when the Empire fell, the Moon Sect attempted to retain its power in the Eastern Highlands. Eventually though, the lack of a formalised government lead to the Moon Sect losing support of neighbouring nations.

The Moon Sect became an independent nation but refused to allow occupation by the Valkyrie Order and after collaborating with the Sun Sect of Veradex on a failed assassination attempt on the Sun Spirit, the Moon Sect became suspicious of the Sun Sect’s motives and eventually declared war on them citing sabotage of the assassination and collaboration with Karthuul.

The Sun Sect, originating from the military division of the Empire, quickly gained the support of many other nations and backed the Moon Sect into a corner. Sure that they would admit defeat, the Veradexian Sun Sect started to allocate military forces to occupy the Moon Sect territory once the war had officially ended. But instead, the Moon Sect fired a mysterious superweapon that wiped out the Sun Sect forces and decimated thousands of islands in the area, including a majority of the Moon Sect’s nation.

Following this cataclysmic event, the Moon Sect has largely become an isolationist and militaristic nation with very few citizens. The current Valkyrie Order is attempting to investigate the state of the Moon Sect nation in hopes of relisting it as a recognised sovereign nation, allowing the Valkyrie Order to swoop in and assist the remaining civilians in the area. Template:HighlandsRegions