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Template:NationInfobox Veradex is a nation in the Highlands region.


Sun Sect Nation, Centre of the old Angel Empire, Occupied by the Valkyrie Order. Veradexian Angels are traditionally xenophobic due to a history of war and invasion from Gruegar tribes in the southern Wildgrowths.

Veradex is currently at war with the Coalition of Blood due to the murder of Valkyrie Legionnaires by Red Drac’san posing as refugees in the Drifts, just outside the border of Veradex. Veradex is where Stephen’s Rift opened 200 years ago and his actions within the city of Brexul lead to Veradexians being generally holding negative views on humanity.

Being the centre of the old Angel Empire, Veradexians consider themselves superior to other Angels. The Valkyrie Order being located in Brexul, the Veradexian capital, means most Valkyries are well versed in Veradexian culture and language, leading to Veradexian becoming the basis for the universal language of Valkyrie occupied territories, Valkyrik. Valkyrik is incredibly similar to Grinstallen, meaning humans from Grinstol find it easy to understand and learn Valkyrik, and by extension, Veradexian.

Veradex is mostly lushous farmland and large ocean like lakes, it being near the equator means it has relatively warm weather all year round with very mild seasons, this makes it an ideal nation to live in. Template:HighlandsRegions