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This template is used to mark a page for deletion if it is a violation of the wiki rules or per author/user request, explaining the reasons of why it needs to be deleted. Any page using this template are added to Category:Pending deletion.

When marking non-redirect pages for deletion, the content should not be blanked (simply put the delete template above all the content). The only exceptions to this are if the page is a blatant attack page, a copyright violation, contains personal/sensitive information, or something along those lines.

When marking a redirect for deletion, the delete template should always go below the redirect, as this will make the redirect function for normal readers but will still add it to the pending deletion category.


{{delete|1|priority=Optional prioritizer}}


Marks a page for deletion. Please familiarize yourself with the Aether Wiki's deletion policy before adding this.

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

Reason1 reason

Optional reason for deletion

Nonsense page.

Priority of the deletion.

Suppress categorizationnocat

Suppresses categorization of this template.

Auto value
  • The |1= parameter adds a reason.
  • The |priority= parameter makes the template show higher in the category.


This page has been tagged for and is currently pending deletion per user request. [delete] [discuss, links]
This is due to a violation of the rules or by the author's request.
This page has been tagged for and is currently pending deletion per user request. [delete] [discuss, links]
Reason: Reason

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