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This is the documentation page. It should be transcluded into the main template page. See Template:Documentation for more information

This template collapses some content on JS-enabled browsers. This template is not an alternative for removing irrelevant stuff from a page; it's there for things that are not immediately useful but relevant nevertheless such as data from testing. You can see it as a form of long footnote.


Parameter Default Usage
head If set, only makes the head part.
tail If set, only closes what the head makes.
outerstyle Custom CSS styling for the container.
style Custom CSS styling for the collapsed part.
title The title to always display above the collapsed content. Not bolded, so you may want to do that yourself.
content The content to collapse.
expanded Set to make the content collapsible, but not collapsed by default.
toggle align inline How to align the show/hide toggle. Can be left or right to float the toggle, or inline to leave it inline with the title.


{{Grid/Crafting Table
|B2= Any Planks
|Output= Wooden Button
|title='''Super boring table'''
|style=border:1px black; padding: 0.5em; background: #fafafa
Tables have pipe characters in their syntax, which is very bad news for templates. This is why we have this head thing...
{| class=wikitable
|+ Greatest formula ever
| style=font-family:Serif | Entities = magma creeper<sup>2</sup>