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This template uses Module:Command, a script written in Lua.

This template is used to generate auto-formatted commands.


  • To remove the forward slash, add |/=0 or |slash=0 to the template.
  • To change the command name's link, add |link=<link> to the template.
  • To remove the command name's link, add |link=none to the template.
  • To add HTML in the command, add |escape=0 to the template. It's then your responsibility to <nowiki> anything that looks like HTML but isn't.
  • If a command is long and may go off the edge of the screen, add |long=1 to the template. This allows the code to wrap as well as displaying it on its own line.

Deprecated function

This template was previously used for autocompletion of commands. But the syntax of the commands change as the game updates, so we cannot ensure that the output of this template matches current version or the version described on the page. Besides this template doesn't support Bedrock Edition. So this feature is deprecated now.

See also Category:Pages using deprecated command module.

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