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Entities encompass all dynamic, moving objects throughout the Aether.


All entities have the following properties:

  • A position, rotation, and velocity.
  • A volume consisting of one or more non-rotating, three-dimensional boxes with a fixed height and width
  • Whether they are on fire, displayed as flames on or around the entity
  • Whether they have any status effect, such as from potions

Entities in the Aether follow the same rules as Minecraft's entities; Most entities can be pushed around by water currents, and some can have their trajectory altered by explosions if already traveling at speed. Some entities can be renamed by using a name tag on them. Entity tiles, items, shot or thrown projectiles, area effect clouds, and experience orbs do not have a current health. Entities that do have a health status include mobs, players and boats.

Entities in the Aether are categorized into Mobs, Vehicles, Projectiles, and Miscellaneous. Mobs are additionally classified as Passive, Neutral, Hostile, or Boss mobs.



Mobs are AI-driven game entities resembling living creatures. Most mobs can be attacked and hurt, and all have some sort of voluntary movement.

Passive mobs

Passive mobs are harmless mobs that do not attempt to attack the player, even when provoked or attacked. Most of them can be bred or tamed.

  • Aerbunny
  • Aerwhale
  • Flying Cow
  • Moa
  • Phyg
  • Sheepuff

Neutral mobs

Neutral mobs are sometimes passive and sometimes hostile toward the player. These mobs may be naturally hostile with provocation or have some additional way to be provoked.

  • Whirlwind
  • Valkyrie

Hostile mobs

Hostile mobs are dangerous, aggressive mobs that always attack the player within their respective detection ranges.

  • Aechor Plant
  • Blue Swet
  • Golden Swet
  • Cockatrice
  • Evil Whirlwind
  • Zephyr
  • Sentry
  • Mimic
  • Fire Minion

Boss mobs

Boss mobs are special hostile mobs that are distinctly more dangerous and tougher than other mobs. They do not spawn randomly, and are confronted intentionally. All of them also have a boss bar featuring their name and health. Boss mobs provide unique challenges but also equivalent rewards.

  • Slider
  • Valkyrie Queen
  • Sun Spirit


Non-mob entities that provide a means of traversing the game world.

  • Cold Parachute
  • Golden Parachute
  • Skyroot Boat
    • Skyroot Boat with Chest


Entities propelled through the air that inflict damage and may inflict status effects.

  • Poison Needle
  • Zephyr Snowball
  • Enchanted Dart
  • Golden Dart
  • Poison Dart
  • Cloud Crystal
  • Lightning Knife
  • Thunder Crystal
  • Fire Crystal
  • Ice Crystal
  • Hammer Projectile


Entities that do not fit in the other categories.

  • Cloud Minion
  • Floating Block
  • TNT Present