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This template uses Module:DropsLine, a script written in Lua.

Designed to be used together like so


  • name - the name of the item/block
  • version - (optional) JE or BE or both. Default both.
  • image - (optional) image override for names that are not item names
  • namelink - (optional) link for name, if different from page name, or empty to disable linking
  • namenote - (optional) a reference displayed below the table giving an extra qualifier for the entire drops line.
  • rollchance - (optional) defaults to display the calculated range of percentages based on dropchance and lootingchance. Should be manually set loot pools, being set to a fraction showing this items weight in that pool. If a drop is not affected by looting, this value should be set instead of setting dropchance.
  • rollchancenote - (optional) a reference displayed below the table giving extra information about the rollchance.
  • quantity - (optional) Default 1. a single quantity, or range of quantities, in the form of 1 or 0-3
  • lootingquantity - (optional) If the quantity is affected by looting, the top range is increased by this number for each level of looting
  • quantitylimit - (optional) Corresponds to "limit" in datapacks. Only used by strays in vanilla je (up to 1.20.2)
  • dropchance - (optional) The percent of instances where this drop happens
  • lootingchance - (optional) If the chance of drop is affected by looting, the chance is increased by this amount for each level of looting
  • playerkill - (optional) a yes/no (default no) indicating if this item is only dropped if the kill counts as a player kill


Designed to be used on a single line. An easy copy/paste example is below for ease of editing. name is the only required parameter, everything else defaults to what is most commonly correct.

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