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Template:Version link

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This template uses Module:Version link, a script written in Lua.

This template is used to simplify linking to a version page.


This template should accept any standard version number, but does not accept named versions.

If |2= is set to blank, the version prefix will be automatically removed.

Supported prefixes

This is the list of prefixes the template will accept to try to link to the right page. The prefix is not case sensitive.

  • The Aether: aether a1 the aether aether i the aether i aether one the aether one aether legacy the aether legacy
  • The Aether II: a2 aether ii the aether ii aether 2 the aether 2 aether two the aether two aether gotv the aether gotv aether genesis of the void the aether genesis of the void aether ii gotv the aether ii gotv aether ii genesis of the void the aether ii genesis of the void aether 2 gotv the aether 2 gotv aether 2 genesis of the void the aether 2 genesis of the void aether two gotv the aether two gotv aether two genesis of the void the aether two genesis of the void aether highlands the aether highlands aether ii highlands the aether ii highlands aether 2 highlands the aether 2 highlands aether two highlands the aether two highlands
    Note: Just links to the history section, as there is no version numbers for this edition.


  1. {{verlink|The Aether 1.0.0-beta.5-forge}}
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