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This article is about the dimension. For the original The Aether mod, see The Aether I.


A hostile paradise

The Aether is the main dimension in the The Aether I mod. This article only covers elements found in the Aether II: Highlands mod. Like all dimensions, the Aether can generate infinitely. Aether Portals in the Overworld can be used to teleport to the Aether.

It is full of empty space, with islands in between each other. Along with normal clouds, groups of blocks generate in the sky, which are called Aerclouds.


Islands generate at a specific range of layers in the Aether, as a result, islands in the Aether tend to occupy an 'equator belt' of the Aether, not being able to generate above or below a certain threshold. Islands can vary in size, from barely being landmasses, to spanning thousands of blocks in distance. Mobs falling to their death is a very common, especially if a player flies below using Creative Mode, and not even Moas are safe. Overworld Aether Portals leading here will spawn the player at a common range of y layer.


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Day and night

A day-night cycle is fully present and functions just like in the Overworld, where the sun acts as a light source. At night, the moon is the only natural light source and hostile mobs spawn during the night or where lighting is not sufficient.